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Early in his career as an entertainment industry agent, Marc Guss witnessed a moment he would never forget. Seated next to him was the legendary James Earl Jones, the brilliant actor and perhaps the world’s most recognized and revered celebrity voice.

In that unmistakably magnificent and mellifluous voice, a joyful Mr. Jones thundered an expression of gratitude toward the renowned agency leader. “You are my Alpha Agent!”, he roared in delight to Fred Schiffman, one of Marc’s early mentors and the President of SEM&M — one of the most successful commercial talent agencies of its time.

This inspired moment and the meaning Marc gleaned from it would resonate throughout his career. Its imprint can be seen in Marc’s dedication to his clients, and in the identity of the company he created to empower their careers: Alpha Voices.


Alpha Voices Consulting

Alpha Voices is positioned at the leading edge of the voice-over industry by encompassing a comprehensive insider’s view of the evolving nature of the entertainment industry.  Alpha Voices works with aspiring talent to develop them into a marketable, valued commodity; making it possible for them to achieve their voice-over potential.  The mission of Alpha Voices is to enable clients to become virtuosos of their own voices and careers.

“Marc…knows what he is talking about. And that, for me, is security.”
- Whoopi Goldberg

“Through a professional relationship spanning two decades in the national voice-over market, Marc Guss has earned my personal admiration, trust and respect as a true asset to his client’s growing careers.”
- Allan Duncan, Voice-Over Division; Innovative Artists Talent & Literary Agency

“I’ve known Marc from back in our William Morris days.  He is a great tastemaker and could close a good deal in a split second. What he’s doing now in voice-over is ground breaking. It would be a privilege for anyone to work with him.”
Howard T. Owens, President, National Geographic Channels

“I’ve known Marc to be one of the most innovative, thoughtful, creative and dynamic agents with a high level of industry knowledge. The voiceover community and anyone looking for voice-over guidance is lucky to have a representative with his type of energy and experience out there.”
- Jonathan Russo, Owner, Artists Agency

“I’ve known Marc since our time as agents at William Morris. Marc continues creative trailblazing with his exceptional method of voice consulting.”
Ben Silverman, Founder/CEO, Electus

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